Monday! er...actually it's Tuesday now

Why the late post? because it was my scrapbooking night with my mom's group and it goes from 6-midnight and I'm all wired and need to wind down lol! I had so much fun tonight using the gigantic die cut machines. I really love the way my pages turned out tonight and I find that since starting with the crop night that I actually keep a lot of goodies and pages out and about on my other work tables and still work on stuff through out the weeks. Anyhow in beadier updates I'm playing catch up on bead orders and then I'll be switching out the Made to Order page as well as putting up a few specials I think they'll mostly be Easter/Spring style this week. Working on some new things too so keep checking back! My YOJ challenge project this week is "Atmosphere" and I think the necklace pictured above suits it well, especially the pendant. I set a gorgeous piece of Abalone shell into and antiqued setting and the rest is (my favorite) Chalcendony cubes and swarovski crystals and sterling silver. I've already got so many idea's flowing through my brain for next weeks challenge. If I get it completed before the deadline I'll post a sneak peek. Ok I'm off to wind down a bit. Have a great night/morning;)


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