Monday & baby it's cold outside!!!

My YOJ wk 5 challenge. The theme was "Breath" or "Breathe" so off I went on my merry way with this idea in my head that in all actuallity I had been thinking about for weeks now. Lapis Lazuli and Green Turquoise in resin. Very organic feel and if you look at it's side profile or run your finger over the top you can feel the gemstones skimming the surface. So anyhow now that it's actually done it reminds me nothing of "Breath" or " Breathing or whatever but more so like the mountains or earth. I'm happy with it none the less.
So then yesterday I'm gazing out my studio window and I see this bird. I call joe to come look cause I've never seen anything like this plus it's acting very strange so I was like "OMG! what's wrong with that bird I think he's having a siezure!" and Joe starts laughing and is like "Um babe it's a woodpecker, it's supposed to be flicking his head like that." Doah! whoops! Good to know and actually kinda exciting because I've never seen one in person before. I'm thinking because of all the snow it was muffling the pecking sound but sure enough that was what he was doing and I got some great pics of him. Here's two.

It's so unreasonably cold here that schools were actually closed! We're talking negative digits. I haven't set foot outside at all today and have no desire to. My inlaws bought us these nifty weather station things were you put one outdoors somewhere near your house or on your house and then we have two "stations" that you can put anywhere in your house so you can always know the temp outside, inside, humidity, barometric pressure, the works which is pretty cool, so I've been sitting inside all day watching the temps drops :)
My latest knitting project is I've been knitting up squares in different girlie colors and patterns because my niece Violet will be making her debut very soon, yippy!!! I'm having alot of fun trying out different stitch patterns, nothing real difficult but super fun. I've also been thinking alot about trying to knit some socks which for some reason terrifies me, I think it's all those needles going every which way and the idea of turning a heal is a bit daunting and the fact that socks are supposed to be worn as a pair and my attention span is a tad bit short ;) Have a great night! Stay warm and I'll try to have some cool pics of some altered art projects I've been playing with tomorrow!


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