Happy Valentine's Day!

HaPpy VaLeNTinE's DAy!!!!
We got blasted with a ton of snow and major crazy snowdrifts at our house because there's nothing but open field across from us. It totally crazy out there this morning! You can't even see where most of our landscaping is and our landscaping blocks are stacked 2 and 3 high in most spots and on the one side of our house there's a tall fence little courtyardish type walkway to the back yard and so much snow got caught in there from the high winds that it would block the furnace's vent and as a carbon monoxide saftey precaution the furnace automatically shuts down but it takes a while to notice the house getting cold so we had to keep going out there and snaking the vent so the furnace would kick back on but in the middle of the night the snow and winds kept on keeping on so we woke up freezing and with no heat at one point so Joe had to run out there and clear it out again. Sheesh! I know I've been complaining that it hasn't felt like winter but when it does hit winters in MI. are a lot of work lol! Now comes the snowblowing portion, yuk :) It'll be the first time we've gotten to use the snowblower this year, all the other snow we've gotten has only needed to be broomed to be cleared or just salted. Schools were even canceled a day in advanced. So anyhow basically what I'm saying is is stay tuned and check back periodically today because I'm working on pictures and I'll be posting some new items because I have no plans to leave the house one bit lol! Be back in a bit!


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