Friday! Friday! Friday!

I had no clue today was Friday until this afternoon, no joke. Carrie brought Matthew over for a playdate with Noah on and on the day goes until Joe comes home from work and asks what time our movie date is going to be for tomorrow and am just sitting there like "duh? tomorrow is Sat.?" lol! We're ganna go see either Songs and Lyrics or the new Diane Keaton movie (I'm still undecided) tomorrow night. I've been seeing the commercials for it and it just looks too cute to pass up. Normally I'd have to see this type of movie with a gal pal due to the "chick flick-ness" of it but because of Valentines Day I didn't hear a peep about it out of Joe lol!
I'm still in need of adding new Joolz to the site. I have my YOJ challenge complete for this week already too so I think I'll do it all in one big update either Sunday or Monday. I managed to get another auction up
Spring Medley and I should have lot's of new beadies to offer up this week for specials and auctions.
In other news, Noah has escaped his crib, or rather starts to escape and then just falls to the floor freaking out not only himself but me and Joe in the process. Carrie brought over the crib tent she used for Matthew so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it works for Noah because I'd hate to move him into a big boy bed just yet especially since he's such a good sleeper. Plus he's only 18mths old and I'd like to keep him a baby as long as I can lol!
Noah's "Go Diego! Go! Live" tickets arrived today. I thought that was pretty neat and easy. I've only ever waiting in line for tickets before but made it really easy and quick and I managed to get us all 2nd row seats! The shows not until April it'll make for a nice Easter suprise. He's going to flip when he sees all the characters on stage in person! Ok I'll have pictures of new goodies up soon and I'll let you know how the movie is (which ever one I decide on) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


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