Welcome to 2007

Happy 2007 everyone! I've started the New Year with a bang and lot's of new joolz! My best friend Marsha and I signed up for Creative Wire Jewelry's Year of Jewelry Challenge and I have to say I'm really excited about it and the possibilities are endless and there are so many other wonderful designers to chat with and share with all the inspiration is amazing and really got the muse going. Lot's of new pieces have now been added to the site. My 1 challenge piece is called Morning Zephyr and here is what I came up with for the challenge. Also I've got THREE new auctions up! well really they went up yesterday and they are THREE DAY auctions so hurry and take a peek! I've been a busy bee trying to start the new year on a creativity high and so far so good lol! I'll be doing the smaller sets and singles for specials this week I'll let you know a specific day as soon as I gather up all the beadies and see what I have to offer. I also have a new Cherry Blossoms set that I'm putting finishing touches on for ebay, that will probably be ready to go up by Friday. I also started another knitty bag project this one will be felted and I'm not sure if I'm going to put it up on the storefront or if I'm going to keep it for myself yet but I'll have lot's of pics to share of before and afters for sure. Ok I'm off to make a library run and pick up some groceries before heading out to the torch. Have a great day!!


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