Yowsa! Didn't mean to not update for a few days but I've been super busy with orders (Thank you!!) and I'm trying to catch up and ship out so I can have some play time for new auctions and specials and new joolz! I'm actually about to head off here and work on some new joolz right now. This weeks YOJ challenge theme is "Take Flight" wha?!!?! yeah I dunno either. So I'm just tossing around some ideas in my head but I know it won't actually hit me until I dunk my grubby little hands in some beads and crystals and see what the muse brings :)

I'm still working away on my felted bag now that I've finished up some other projects it's really coming along and will probably be done later this week so I'll be sure to share some pictures. Keep in mind I went pattern-less on this one so even though at the moment it looks like I could carry groceries in it by the time it's felted it may only fit my Ipod :) lol! It's a fun little experiement all in all though!


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