New things up in Rings n Things! I'm wearing my "M" earrings right now and I made myself a Knitster bracelet too. I've got a few more new resin things that are curing right now and some other ones that are ready to go that I set earlier in the day yesterday. I shipped out several bead orders today and have a kiln with a belly full of bunnies...again... so they can be ready to go tomorrow and Friday depending on how my work load goes tomorrow.
So my Mom's Monday night scrap night was excellent! Turns out I'm not as crap a scrapbooker as I thought I was lol! Especially not with all those cool gizmo'a and gadgets and giagantic die cutting machines and a store FULL of cool stuff. I got so much accomplished and I had the best time hanging out with my gal pals! My friend Mel got me addicted to brads, I had never used them before and now I'm bradding it up big time. Everything just looks so much nicer with a brad or an eyelet lol! I didn't think I would have enough creativity or stuff to work on to keep me busy for 6 hrs but midnight came and went in a flash! Good friends, food and conversation makes for hours of fun. I've come to that realization pretty quickly with my bunco and book groups and now my scrappin group too.
Hey , remember that felted bag I was working on? it's been done I've just been needing to chuck it in the wash and cross my fingers :) I'm ganna go do that right now wish me luck!


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