Tueday chatter

So the pairs have it! You guys are overwhelming me with how much you are enjoying earrings pairs! Thank you so much! Now my mind is running all over the place thinking up terrific new beads that make great pairs so I can try and include more new ones weekly! I love making earring pairs so I'm happy with it and I'm glad to hear that you all are too! And I realize that it's nice to be able to pick your own quantities on certain styles of beads because it allows you to have more variety in your designs so I'm down with that and I'll try to keep at it every week for ya!

I've finally found some really super cute bamboo handles for my just about finished handbag AND now that I've been adding all the cute embellishments to it I've been calling it my Blooming Bag , so I'm thinking there will be a nice series of these in various colors etc. Hopefully I'll have a picture to show you tomorrow after I attach the handles and such.
I made a much needed run to the library today and picked up a stack a mile high, at least that's what it felt like as the librarian kept pulling them off the hold shelf and stacking them in front of me. I rarely ever actually venture around the library picking books out (I'm too easily side tracked hehe, seriously ask Marsha lol! ) instead I have my account set up online and I open up two windows, one for my library catalog window and then amazon.com in another and then I have my handy dandy book list next to me as well and off I go reading up excerpts and blips about books that sound good and just start requesting them all through my library and then they go around calling them in from various branches and have them all ready and stacked to go for me when they call or email me letting me know they're ready for pick up! LOVE IT!!! So much easier for me too! So I'm off to dig around the pile and see what I want to read tonight. Nite Nite!!


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