I finally finished my cross over shrug sweater! I had set it aside for a bit and then yesterday I realized how close to finishing it I am so I finished it and it fits perfect and is really cool! I'll have to take an actual picture of it so you can see what colors I used. Plus I didn't make the fringy's that long or full either I sort of tamed it down a bit. I'm wearing it right now and totally loving it! I wear it most often like the top pic shows depending on what top I wear it over.
Here's the latest creation! It's very fun and very roomy too! I love the lining, I had some leftover fabric and made myself a wide headband out of it which in turn has lead to many headbands being made of all leftover fabrics lol!

You may have noticed that I put a hold on anymore Bead Special orders at least until I catch up because I've had nothing but birds, cherries and luv bugs filling my kiln the last 3 days which is awesome but I just need a little catching up time and then I'll list them on the Made to Order page and post some new fun pairs for specials again!

Also I've had a few emails saying that my background has changed from the pink and brown dots to no dots but I'm working to figure that one out for you because on my computer I see my site as I designed it but on my laptop my page sits on a plain white background which is strange but leads me to belive that it depends on individual computer settings. I've asked my brainy webmistress AKA
Marsha what's up with that and am waiting for a response.
Tonight is Bunko night!! woohoo! Wish me luck! Especially since luck is really all I need seeing as it's truely the only way to win that sort of game lol!

Have a terrific weekend!


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