I can't sleep! So you'll probably get another rambling later today and maybe a few sneak peeks as well. Yesterday was our book group meeting, awesome and fun as usual! Our next read is One for the Money by Janet Evanovich who is one of my all time favorite writers. I can read and re-read all of her books and still laugh just as hard as the first time and still enjoy it just as much as the first time, she's I'm in love with Ranger ;) I've got a stack of books that just keeps growing to review within the next few weeks. Most of you who follow my blog probably already know but I'm a reviewer and review editor for for like jeez, 6 yrs now (wow time flies!!)and I'm also a reviewer for Time Warner LB Teen Reads and Henry Holt Teens (yes I'm well aware that I'm nearing 30 however Young Adult genre is my all time favorite) and then I'm also on the Simon & Schuster advisory review board as well so several times a week I have UPS at my door with advanced readers copies of excellent new reads and I love it oh so very much especially when I get my favorite authors latest tales months before the general public ever get's to even glimpse the cover :) bwahahahahahaa...evil laugh...ahem, ok so anyhow this whole YOJ (year of jewelry challenge) has got me on a major creativity kick. Our next challenge is...wait for it..."Kisses in the Mist" and since I knocked the "Morning Zephyr" out of the way pretty quickly my brain has been buzzing for next weeks challenge. Low and behold Lily on Y & R had on these amazing earrings today so although the style is inspired by the ones she was wearing the stones and colors I choose are coming from what "Kisses in the Mist" has inspired in my head, so it should be interesting to see how it actually pans out because of course everything always sounds and looks good in my head but it doesn't always actually come out that way, so we shall see lol! What else, what else, what else? OHHHH duh, my website got a little face lift again. I get bored quite easily in case you haven't noticed and so I change up my site every few months or so and usually by the time I get the new look up and running my brain is already thinking about and designing my next one. I'm still a tad in shell shock of not incorporating any green this time, as it's my favorite color but I've been obsessing over Vera Bradley colors and patterns lately so that's where the inspiration came from. I almost went with the Java Blues which really are more of a turquoise-ish and brown combo but got stuck on the pink and brown instead, maybe next time. In beadier things, I'm stuck on fruit so be on the look out for a strawberry set of beads and a cherry set of beads. I've also got another birdy set with birdhouses ME style in the works. Specials are getting worked on here and there in between orders so I'm not sure of a specific day just yet but I'll let you know. Ok so I'm off to try and get some sleep before I become completely delirious and continue to babble on. If you made it this far pat yourself on the back! I hope I didn't bore you too much ;) nite nite!


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