Woo it's Friday! For some reason this week seemed to drag on. What do I have going on for the weekend? Lot's of beads to be made. I didn't get as much work done yesterday because I ran out of fuel. I hate when that happens especially when I'm in the middle of a bead and I'm trying to get as much more pressure out of my tanks as humanly possible just to finish this one darn bead but alas it got dunked in the water dish :( So today I've been working on my YOJ wk 3 challenge "Take Flight" and then as soon as hubby get's home he's going to haul my tanks out to get them filled and I'll be good to go! So in the mean time take a peek at my take on "Take Flight." I hand wrought, wrapped, shaped and created from copper wire the earring posts swirls, the hoops and even the jump rings and then epoxied them to stainless steel earring posts and used a little patina'd brass finding to wire up some super yummy 10mm Jade and 5mm milk glass (I love the way it really pops in color with the warm tones of the copper) and tah dah!!! Mission complete! :) It's not even due in until Monday so I'm ahead of the game this week for once lol! Tomorrow I'm getting my filling fixed :( Hopefully I'll be numbed up good and it won't be that bad. The guys are also having their poker night tomorrow so that means Me, Noah and Carrie will be calling it a night with some movies and knitting. I should have my felted bag done and have some pics to show! As much as I love snow I'm hoping the weather holds out a bit enough for us to make a little day trip down to Ohio on Sunday so I can pick up some new tools and some TGIFriday's. Noah's never ate there before and he's quite the eater so I think he'll really love it. Hopefully the weather permits it! I don't know about where you are but it's freezing here so I hope you are staying warm and cozy and that you have a wonderful weekend! I should have a new auction ready to go and some bead specials later this weekend! I'll keep you posted.


Julie said…
I just have to say I looooove your "Bunny Hop" set! What a PERFECT lime heart!! I am jealous. :-)

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