Monday, Monday!

These two pieces I created using vintage style typewriter key prints set cast in resin. I'm going to be adding several of the very cool pieces on my store front and single customizable charms and pendants will be added to my Rings N Things so you can put them together with other components available to create your own anything! I really like the way they turned out however I think that silver toggle clasp is way to bold and heavy for this bracelet so I'll be switching it out with something more simple and then I'll retake the pic to share. I've got several more resin cast pieces with fun sayings on the way. I love all the fun and different things that you can create with resin I'm totally addicted!

Here is the pic of the rockin earrings that my cousin Rosa made for me that I mentioned last week. They are guitar picks and swarovski crystals, I just love them!

This is my YOJ week 4 challenge using sterling silver curved tube beads and top drilled Swarovski crystals, very simple but interesting on the wrist.

What a great weekend! We pretty much ended up doing everything that we were supposed to do last weekend but didn't because of the weather and we had a lot of fun. We ended up renting Over the Hedge which we all enjoyed and How to Eat Fried Worms which Noah absolutely loved I think because of all the kids and all thier running around. We also made MAJOR progress on one of our New Years resolutions which is to totally organize and clean up and clear out our garage and it's already looking awesome. Both of our work bench areas seem so much larger and opened up. Now I've been adding some personal touched to my work area out there to really girly it up so I have a more cozier setting to torch in and really make it my own. I'll have to remember to take some pics soon. I also got a lot of work done and will be continuing some heavy duty work through the week so I can get new Joolz posted and everyones beads out to them in the next 2-3 days! Then I'll spend the rest of the week finishing up some auctions that I've been meaning to finish for quite some time now and plowing through the next set of orders. Tonight I've got my Mom's Memory Maddness Scrapbooking night that my good friend Melissa invited me to join! I'm really excited and love to scrapbook but never find the time to actually sit down and lay all my scrapping goodies out and really devote time to it so this will be the perfect way for me to get to sit down once a month, gab with other mom's and have fun scrapping it up! Our group get's full run of a local scrapbook store called Sister Scrapbooking right here in Monroe after hours so from 6pm- midnight the store is all ours to shop and scrap and chat and snack. Plus we get to use all of their sticker maker, die cutter machines and some other stuff too so it should be a lot of fun! I'm off to go cast some more resin pieces and gather up all my rubbermaids full of scrapbooking materials that want to work on tonight. Have a great day!!


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