Monday already? where'd the weekend go?

New auction starts later this evening! I LOVE this set I think it turned out adorable and it was super fun to make. I hadn't made cherries since last year or maybe even longer! I've been so swamped this week that bead specials is looking like it's going to be mostly earring pairs that I'm going to take orders on and some heart and love bug singles and maybe a set or two I still need to assess my bead table and lay everything out. I've got a dentist appt. today ack! I hate going to the dentist but I LOVE the way my teeth feel after a good cleaning and I know I've got another two appts. after this to fix a filling coming :( I'm trying not to think about that though!
I've got some sneak peeks of one of the new totes almost ready for you to take a look at. I'm still adding things here and there plus I still haven't decided on handles so you may be getting a handle-less peek. Ok I'm off to get a good flossing in before I go! :)


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