Friday! Friday! Friday!

Fridays are really rolling around pretty fast around here. I can't belive that we're almost into Feb. already! I'm still working on my YOJ week 4 challenge for this week. This week's theme is "Fairy Wings" which to me I envision something simple but in crystals for a little bit of magical style and I think I pretty much know where I'm going to go with it. I'll have pics a little later of that. A BIG thank you once again for all the compliments on bead specials I really enjoy doing earring pairs and singles mixed in with larger sets plus I don't have to think too much about putting sets together which is nice and harder than you would think, at least for me it is :)

Our Tuesday night bunco group that we just started up was a complete success and a blast to boot. My cousin Rosa made me some of THE coolest earrings EVER!!!! Seriously I'm so in love with them I'm going to take some pics of them later, they are so much fun and they go perfectly with the leather crystal cuff she made me for x-mas (scroll through my blog archives for Dec. for a pic) I wish I would have gotten a picture of the bracelet she made using some of my lampwork too. I'm going to fave to remember to ask her to her bring it to Book Group so I can get a pic to add to my Designers Gallery (which needs some serious updating!! big time!). I always have such a hard time trying to come up with unique ways to use my lampwork in jewelry so that's why most lampwork pieces you see in my storefront are either simple or just the occassional bold piece. The way she did it I've not ever seen it done that way before I think it would make a great feature piece for one of the beadstyle magazines...hint, hint ;) Rosie if you're reading this!!!!! :)
We're finally getting some dustings of snow here and there. Hardly anything to throw salt at even but freezing cold temps are in effect. Today I'm working on orders and playing around with some new ideas for new Joolz as well and working on my YOJ challenge piece. The weekend plans will pretty much depend on the weather. Maybe I'll take in the Hitcher movie with my sister. She seems optimistic about it, I however, not so much. I find that whenever they do movie remakes they don't ever come out as good as the original and I'm pretty sure that will be the case with this Hitcher, everything was better in the 80's :) Plus what's The Hitcher without,
Rutger Hauer
C. Thomas Howell. If we end up making the movie I'll let you know how it is, who knows maybe it'll scare the crap out of me like the original did. :)
Have a great weekend!!


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