What a weird week, I've been confusing my days all up and sending myself into a panic, I think it's because Joe has a short week this week to start his Hols. I'm glad to hear you all are enjoying the smaller sets for bead specials this week. I think I'll keep it like this for a while. Not only does it allow me to set cheaper prices but that in turn allows you to mix and match smaller sets for the price of one big set. I'm sure I'll still throw in a larger set or two here and there it just depends on what I feel like making. I tend to have ADD when it comes to making the same beads over and over again or sticking to a color combo for too long, I just can't do it. This way I've been having a lot more fun playing around and doing focals and other shapes that i haven't done in a while. I've had a lot of requests for more chocolates so I'll be working on some fun little sets an earring pairs of those and then since I have the feeling that you all are ready for some non-Christmas beads I'll try to get a large set of chocolates and hearts up for you for auction as well. I'm heading off to finish up shipping and I need to start wrapping some presents because I hate leaving that till the last minute. I keep meaning to post a picture of Noah with Santa too but I keep forgetting. I think we're taking him again tonight:) Have a great day!


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