Wednesday already?!

I've been working on a new knitty project this week and I can't keep my hands off of it! I can't wait for it to be done. Here's a few pics of it, it's a wrap sweater that can be worn a bunch of different ways here are two of the ways pictured below. I got the pattern off Lion Brand Yarn's site in their free pattern section and I'm not one to follow patterns usually but this one seemed easy enough.

I think I'll be offering some smaller and less expensive sets mixed in for bead specials this week. There are a few focal type sets I wanna play around with just to mix it up a bit. I'm starting to get burnt out on holiday beads I've been making them since Halloween and I'm ready to play around with some new ideas. Since there isn't really a whole lot to make for Valentines theme I'm going to mix that up a bit too so I don't get sick of making hearts by then lol! I do have some Valentine's Day themed "Love" Soldered pendants but I've mostly been concentrating on some really pretty one of a kind watercolor and hand stamped paper collage pendants that can be enjoyed year round. I'll have those up later this week if time allows. It's a busy week around here. The holidays are upon us and I'm beginning to feel the pressure. So much to do so little time! Friday is my mom's office Holiday Party (she owns Century 21 here where I live and Joe is a part time agent for her) Noah and Joe have their suits ready to go and I have my outfit ready too. I made it myself and quite pleased with the way it turned out. I hacked up a gorgeous vintage gown and created a Lucille Ball inspired skirt and am pairing it up with a sparkly knit top and velvet jacket and some peep toe patent leather mary janes and I'm set to go! I'll have some pics over the weekend for you to see. It's always a fun event every year and it's nice to get all dressed up and do a little dancing :)
Ok I'm off to bead! oh also I have some fun new fabrics so be on the lookout for some new Knitting Kneedle travel cases coming soon! Have a great day!


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