hooray for the weekend! I don't have anything terribly exciting to report I've been helping a bit in preperations for the office Holiday party that is tonight and working on other holiday type stuff and orders. I didn't realize that Christmas is only a week away!!! ack! I think I'll hold off on anymore auctions until after and offer everything up on specials instead. I'm also clearing out the bead bowl and I'll have little offerings at clearance prices from there. There's nothing wrong with any of my bead bowl beads (wonkies go in a different bin) they just simply never made it into sets or they were sets I started and then never added to. I've got little "treats" that I'm working on to sort of pass out to friends and family at holiday gatherings so that's always fun. What else...OH!!! a BIG congratulations to my best friend Marsha and her family who is currently moving into their new house! Ok I'm off to get cleaned up and do any last minute ironing instead of waiting until 5 mins. before we have to leave and then run around like a mad woman lol! I'll post some holiday party pics tomorrow and then I'm aiming for Sunday for Bead Specials that way I can get everything shipped out on Monday and you can enjoy new beadies before the holidays! Have a great weekend!


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