Happy Holidays!

Just popping in to wish everyone a very Happy and safe Holidays. It's been a whole lotta shopping and wrapping going on over here and if I checked my list correctly I'd say we are done and ready sit back and enjoy the holidays :) Noah had his pictures taken with Santa again and his holiday professional pics came in and those turned out super cute too. They always get ya when you go to pick them up. They have extra of other poses that you didn't choose or didn't get to see in your package and then give you the option to purchase them too and I have to get them every single time I always get sucked in and the big quencher that seals the deal is when they tell you that you don't have to decide on the extras right away and that I'll have until such and such time if I do want them before they get shredded, ack!!! No way Jose! There will be no shredding of my baby's pictures thank you very much! :) lol!!

I've got shipping all done and I'm taking the long weekend off, a much needed and much deserved break and I hope you are all enjoying your holiday weekend and getting to spend it with family and friends like we are. We watched Ice Age 2 with Noah earlier (excellent!) and now that he's tucked up in bed I think we're going to go catch up on the other movies we rented, Little Miss Sunshine (let's see what all the fuss is about) and When a Stranger Calls (creepy!).


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