What's new! TGIF!!

Here are some of the new items up and ready to go! I've got plenty more on the way in various styles and themes. They can be used as pendants for necklaces or holiday ornaments! I'll be adding charms and other extras very soon!
UPDATE: Let it Snow (above pendant) is now SOLD. I will make a few remakes of this one if you missed out just email me! Thanks!
I have this obsession with Paris prints and putting together these Paris inspired pendants. I have this one listed but I may either have to make another one for myself or take this one down and keep it for myself :) I have other beautiful and worldly destination pieces like this one in the making.
I've been having alot of fun doing some pop art pieces (below). Here is one I called "Forever Marilyn." On the backside it has a mod print and reads "Forever". I also have a new one heading up later today of Jackie O with the backside that reads "Lovely." And the lovely queen mother will also be making her debut soon too! :) Fun stuff!What have I been up to when I'm not beading up glass beads and joolz? THIS.

It's called Fibonacci and it's a really neat concept that just makes anything you make look super cool and cute PLUS it's a great use for all my leftover bits of yarn. I'll post a pic when I'm done which will probably be later today because this goes super fast! I don't know if it's because of the constant changing of yarns or what but I feel like I'm zipping through this. Pics to come! What's going on this weekend? It's looking like some more xmas shopping, I plan to finish up some more ebay auctions in wintery themes so they can arrive to the winner in time to create and enjoy them for the holidays or any holiday shows if needed. I also need to make more pieces for Rings n Things because they seem to be going quick everytime I put new soldered items up (THANK YOU!!!I'm glad you're all loving them!) and I need to get some orders finished up and out the door so I can catch myself up. I think we're renting a movie or two but we havent' decided one what yet. Hope you have a great weekend and be sure to check back for new items and auctions. Have a great weekend!


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