I've been invited to do a holiday show with my friend Angela! She sells herbs from the Rainforest . Profits from Amazon Herbal and Skin care products support both Rainforest and its people in creating a sustainable furture. So I'll be working along side her at the show selling my joolz and accessories! I haven't physically done a show yet this year I've sent my pieces off to various places for shows but not physically worked one myself yet this year. I did a few last year an had a blast though so I'm thinking that this just might spark the show bug for me again. I'll have show info posted as soon as I get it so that if you are in the Detroit area or plan on visiting for the holidays you can come and visit me and say Hi! :) I need to replenish my inventory so I'm off to get to work so I'll have lot's of new goodies to put out for the show. I'll be back with a sneak peek or two of some new pieces in a bit!


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