Our book group meeting last night was a blast as usual! Plus we gained a new member!! My cousin Cathy!! I knew it was only a matter of time before she got sucked lol! Our next read My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult is going to make for some really good discussion at our next meeting. I need to pick the book up an re read it. I read and reviewed it long before it was ever even released to the public, I remember it was really good and made me cry but that's about it. So I think it best if I get me copy and re-read it :) Well it's that time of year where it seems like I get super busy with wholesale buyers which is awesome but makes for crazy weeks and late nights but it's the Holiday season and there's lot's of shows an parties to be had so Thank you to all my wonderful wholesale customers for keeping me busy and spreading my art all over the continent! I badly need to update my Designers Gallery and I may start adding a shows page this time of year with info from my wholesalers and where you'll be able view and purchase Star Girl pretties in person. I've been making lot's of new changes to the website and there is more to come so be sure to click around and see what's new. My latest is a new Create Your Own. My soldered items have been so hugely popular that I decided to make them into a Create Your Own where you can add what you want into your cart and build your own one of kind soldered paper collage jewelry. I'll be adding charms and other little components that you can also add to your pieces very soon so keep an eye out for that! I'm going to try and get my penguin auction up either later this evening or tomorrow but it's looking more like tomorrow so I can have a few more bead specials to offer as well. Lot's of cute new stuff this week in great new glass colors!! Our plans for the weekend include putting up a new single french door going down to the rec room. We've been saying we're going to do it for months and so finally we're going to get it done. Tomorrow night Joe and I are going to take in a movie! I'm so excited because we haven't gone anywhere by ourselves since before Noah was born!! We've gone out with friends only ONCE since Noah was born so now that he's a little older I think I'm ready to handle leaving him with his nonna and nonno or grandma and grandpa for an hour or two so we can go do some grown up things lol! Ok I'm off to get back to work! Have a wonderful weekend!


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