Monday, November 20, 2006

New auction Happy Monday!

Yippy it's Turkey week!! I've got a new auction up and because of it being a holiday week I thought I'd try a 3 day auction instead. If you guys like them better this way then I'll try to do all of my auctions between now and Christmas that way so you can get your beads faster and be able to enjoy them for the holidays even though most of my beads are pretty much all year round or at least seasonal but still I know a lot of my designers have shows or you just might want to show off your new beadies at those holiday parties! :) It snowed this weekend! It was really nice and festive for holiday shopping but nothing that stuck. "They" say it's going to be a mild winter (who's they? Why do we always say "They"?) but I don't know it's been pretty cold and got cold fast this year. Over the weekend Noah discovered the word "No" never in all his 15 mths has he ever said no now everything is "No" except for cookies lol! But he says it all laughy not in a tantrum sort of way so so far it's quite cute lol! I got some holiday shopping started but I think it's time for me just sit down and make a list, it always seems to work out better that way. Noah and Joe spent the weekend setting up their new 20 gallon fish tank so we're now the proud owner of several I dunno what's, I'm not a fish person at all. I don't mind them I actually like looking at them but leave me in charge of them and they'll be dead within a week as well as plants so I'm don't make a very good house sitter I supposed lol! I do however enjoy picking out the stuff that goes inside the tank like the little buildings and scuba guy and even the rocks etc. So anyhow I also have some new pendant/ornaments in holiday themes going up in the next day or two I'll keep you updated on those. They're really pretty and sparkly too! I'm going to save bead specials until after Thanksgiving and concentrate more on new auctions and orders for this week but you may see some more earring pairs for order, I love making earring pairs! I missed out taking pics of my fibonacci scarf but I have to work on pics later today anyways so I'll be sure to get some up here for you to see! Have a great day!

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