Monday! Let's start the week!

Today is an all out laundry day! jeez what an exciting way to start the week, right? lol! I'm about to go ship out last weeks orders, make a run to the library to pick up a nice stack of cozy reads , head back home for dinner and then off to the torch for me! In between switching out laundry loads and loading the dishwasher I started a cute little (and I do mean little) scarf for Noah's latest build a bear, this time around he went with the bow wow (the dog to which the "birth cirtificate" most certainly reads "Bow Wow." We are just so original with the name picking aren't we lol!? Actually Joe filled out the registration on this one so it's his doing :) Our french door project went off without a hitch and only took a little over an hour to complete. I took on my usual position in charge of the chizeling (where the hinges and door catch plates go etc) and as much as I love to chizel I of course hurt myself at least once every time, every single time! Twice this this time around but nothing major. We got a start on our Xmas shopping as well. There were so many deals to be had this weekend! Our movie was fantastic. We went as saw "Stranger than Fiction" with Will Ferrell & Maggie Gyllenhaal who in my opinion is such a classic beauty and favorite of mine. I adored her character in the movie. I highly recommend this movie, it was great! Plus I also got to rekindle my love for Goobers. So we had a really great weekend. I hope you did too! I've got some new soldered pendants/ornaments coming up later maybe tomorrow. They really do make super cute ornaments so I'm going to have some more Holiday Themed ones coming very soon complete with organza ribbon ready to go or you can convert it to a pendant. Also I've got a new auction up and a few more I'm going to try an finish up later to put up this week. That's all for now!


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