Don't forget to VOTE!!!

If you are registered to VOTE I hope you all make it out today to do so! I've been sneezy, snotty, coughy, yucky, icky for 2 days now. Yuk! I hate being sick. I think it's the change in weather. I get a cold right about the same time of the year and then I expect a strep/lose my voice/bronchitis bout right around Feb. every year no matter what I do to try and prevent it :(
I took yesterday off from the torch only because I couldn't stop sneezing and rapid jerky movement and an open flame don't mix plus it makes for ugly wonky beads lol! So I'm going to be playing catch up today so your orders should only be delayed a day if that. I pretty good about getting things done on time doing things when I say I'm going to so no worries. I have some really cool soldered pieces coming up later this week and many of you emailed me telling me how much you liked when I include a piece with my bead auctions so I'm going to keep doing that too. I'll have my penguin set ready to go tomorrow and maybe another auction if I can, if not then I'll put it up thursday or Friday. I'm also planning on more specials later this week so stay tuned for those. I've got a whole slew of new glass to play with that I can't wait to mess around with and see what I come up with. I'm off to ramp up the kiln and go vote and then back home again to bead it up at the torch. Have a great day!!! DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!!!


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