Wednesday, October 25, 2006


All of my soldered pendants necklaces are now SOLD! I'm so glad you all love them so much I really love making them and have a whole new batch of them in the works. There are still I think 1 or maybe 2 bead specials left. I'll leave them up a bit longer and if they still don't sell I'll work them into a larger ebay set when I get the chance. I love making those penquins aren't they adorable! I've got an ebay set of those coming soon as well as another snowman winter set. I've been having such a blast making wintery themed beads lately. I've got a shippment of new glass coming later this week so that's always fun and usually sparks lot's of new bead ideas too. Well I just wanted to pop in and say a huge thank you for orders and sales this week and I'll have lot's of new things coming very soon!

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