Friday, October 20, 2006


Can anyone same Ham? The kid sure knows how to doesn't he? lol!!! He gets so goofy before bedtime it's hilarious. So I finally got a pic of the sweater I knitted for Noah I think it turned out pretty cute. It's hard to tell from the pic but there are subtle stripes in the blue yarn, it's really cute. I think I'm going to extend his sleeves a little bit just so it'll really last him all season. I over compensated and ended up with an extra skein so I think a matching hat and scarf are in order lol!

So anyhow it's the weekend Hooray! Even though Joe hasn't had a Saturday off in like 7 or 8 mths it's not so bad because he goes in so freakishly early that he's home just as Noah and I are really getting our day started so it works out pretty good. I'm not sure what our plans are for the weekend but I think we're giving the rec room a good cleaning and rearranging the furniture down there just for a little bit of change. We're having Christmas eve here this year so it's usually a pretty laid back day just hanging out with friends and family down there and playing board games and cards and eating lot's of food getting our belly's ready for the big X mas day feast pretty much ;) I think we'll be heading out for some shopping this weekend. We want to pick up Michigan Sweatshirts for all 3 of us for our family pictures but now that the Tigers are kicking such major butt we may change our theme for this year lol! Anyhow I'm hoping to have some bead specials up and ready this weekend but in the mean time I hope you all enjoy your weekend!!!

PS. I've got several more new soldered pendants and rings on the way! Alot of really fun and unique stuff in this next batch so stay tuned!

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