's actually snowing!

When it comes to weather forecasts I'm the biggest skeptic. I enjoy sitting, watching and scoffing at anything they tell me like they're just trying to pull one over on me. So you can imagine my reaction when they predicted snow, Hah! sure yeah snow, right, let's see's snowing!!! It's like on an off and extremely windy and everything is blowing everywhere. I'm actually a tad suprised that our power hasn't gone out our Consumer's Energy is very touchy that way during the lamest of storms usually. So anyhow I hope it's warm and toasty and sunny where you live! Also I may have had a little bit of a blip in brain activity when responding to all my "I Voted" emails so just incase I wrote the wrong date just ignore me and have no worries I've added your votes correctly. I try to write something different back in response to everyone. I'm not down with just copy and pasting the same cheesy response especially because most of you are avid voters an I "know" you and have chatted with you so I want you to know that I'm not brushing you along and that I really appreciate all your votes but if I ever don't make a whole lotta sense or act like it's the wrong day (bwahahaha! whoops!) it's just probably just been one of those days for me lol! Ok onto beadier things! I've got one special left but if it doesn't go soon I may work it into one of my ebay sets because I've got a yummy purple one coming your way soon OR I may just save it for my cousin Rosa the purple lover. I'll see what floats my boat. I'm so glad you all are loving the Mrs. Frosty pairs they really are cute and fun to design with especially with the holes running the way they done they're perfect for earrings so I'll keep taking orders on those and I also have a new Frosty Fashionista pair coming up I'll probably wait and post them with next weeks specials. Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOANNE!!!!!


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