Monday...late sorry!

I hadn't realized that I let so many days go by without checking in, sorry!!! It was a busy but super fun weekend. Friday was my sister in law Laura's B day! Happy B day Laurdy!!! She also got to find out that they're expecting a little girl!!!! woohoo!!!! We don't have any little girls on either side so it's exciting!!! Saturday we ran to Lowes and got supplies and started a new set up in my studio for new and better ventilation that will also help so during our Michigan sub zero winters I won't freeze my tush off making beads and all of a sudden my work area looks so much better an bigger too. Much better! I had been meaning to do all that work for like 6 mths now so it's nice to have it finally off my list. Then I had a family baby shower ( a different family member) which was a lot of fun. I love baby showers! Then we had dinner with my parents. So anyhow in beadier news I've got several new auctions in the work I just need a few more beads for finishing touches so I'll have those up later this week. I've been having so much fun with a new design I just started messing around with here and there over the weekend doing skull and cross bones (aka. jolly roger beads) LOVE EM!!!! My cousin Toni loves all that an they are too cool looking she's going to love em! I think I'm ganna put up a set for auction or specials I know my cousin Patty would freak over them too so I may send some her way as well I'll show you some pics once I pic out the best ones from my experimenting. I'm off to go tuck up on the couch with a new scarf project I'm trying to finish up and then off to bed to finish Anybody Out There by Marian Keyes for our book group meeting this week!


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