Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday! Let's start the week!

First I have to start by saying Happy Birthday Mom!!!!! AND Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!!! and then later this week Happy Birthday Joanne (my sister) yeah it's a major birthday week. So we spent the weekend celebrating birthdays and no bead specials got put up but I'm hoping to have them up in the next day or two. I did however put up two new auctions before the weekend so be sure to check those out and I'll have more on the way very soon! We had a great weekend lot's of cake and ice cream and we had a poker party on Sat. night which was a lot of fun even though I don't play and Bunko on Friday night was a blast as usual. Tomorrow my sister is having a candle home party. I have a huge candle addiction almost as bad as my shoe buying addiction so tomorrow night should be lot's of fun lol! I'm playing catch up on all my emails so bare with me I should be all caught up by tomorrow. I have a new contest giveaway up so be sure to check out the new contest going on now. Also I have a ton of new joolz and other items to work on getting up on the site this week so stayed tuned for lot's of new goodies! Noah's getting ready for Halloween. Can you guess who he's going as? Yeah Yoda says "He who eats their flashcards shall learn them faster" lol! yeah ok I'm really tired and being goofy can you tell? lol! ok I'm off for now, May the force be with you! ;)

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