Later that day...

New Photo pendant! I named this one Garden of Eden. It includes the sterling silver box chain, "Love" charm, faceted Olive Jade briolette charm and one of my handcrafted lampwork glass beads. The back of the photo reads "Peace." This necklace will be going up in the storefront later today. I will put it on my Bead Specials page, Necklace page and Rings n Things page because it falls into all of those categories so be sure to look around the site often because I do that alot and something might not be where you think lol!

Here's a pic of the awesome keychain my cousin made me! It's a photo of me (I'm the short one) my cousin Rosa (left) and my sister Joanne (right) from way back in the early 80's! We have always been very close and (ok I'm going to embarass us a little bit here) we used to LOVE pretending to be rockstars and we were karoke queens long before it was ever invented. Our favorites to pretend we were were Heart & Bannanarama lol!! Good thing we decided to hang up our imaginary microphones and put all our creative juices into our crafts lol!!!
I still have to get a pic of stamped leather cuffs she made me too!
Oh also I updated the CONTEST!!! I've got a really pretty pair of lampwork earrings up for grabs this time around. Also I just wanted to clear up the contest rules because several other lampwork and jewelry sites have it stated that a person cannot vote for more than one site but THIS IS NOT TRUE. Both Artzee & My oh My let you vote for as many sites as you like trust me, me and Carrie and Marsha have tested this out and we vote for each other and other friends of ours as well. I'm going to assume that those other sites that are saying you can't vote for other sites are just unaware that it's not true and not just trying to use it to their advantage. Top 25 is however set up to only count your vote on one site only. Ok so Happy Voting!!!


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