Friday, September 22, 2006


My book group meeting was terrific, once again, we all had a blast and tons of good eats. As predicted The Box Children made for really interesting discussion. Next up is Anybody Out there by Marian Keyes. I think I have pretty much read all of her books and I have always enjoyed all of them so I'm looking forward to reading this one finally. Have I mentioned that Marian loves Star Girl Jewelry? love it! yep indeed she does enjoy wearing my pieces. One of these time I just know I'll flip over her latest novel and see one of my pieces adorning her neck or ears or wrist in one of her author photos! (fingers crossed!!! lol!) So anyhow I've been scarse around here. Keeping busy keeping up with orders and enjoying the extra family time while Joe's on vacation. Tomorrow is my nephew Giovanni's 3rd Birthday! His party is on Sunday and should be quite the fun bash! I'm sure I'll have pics to share. Anyhow I've got a new auction up and I plan on posting new bead specials up on Sunday (that's the plan anyways...) Thank you all so much for all your orders on my new lentil snowmen an santa's I'm so glad you gals like them and I really appreciate it and will be shipping out those little cuties to you next week! I'll also be switching out my Made to Order page soon so keep checking on that in the coming days as well! Have a great weekend!!

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