Friday, September 01, 2006


Up north, me and joe getting cheeky in the Brew Krew boutique.
wow I've been on a chatting spree! I hope you don't mind all the ramblings but there's just been so much going on lately! I've got a really pretty Swarovski crystal web bridal evening bag that I'm putting the finishing touches on. This was for a custom order (I think I already mentioned it below) it's absolutely gorgeous! I'm going to put it up in the Bridal Suite and take custom orders on these because I am able to create them in all colors of fabrics and crystals. I'll have a pic soon! Today is a major beading day because I'm trying to get the rest of this weeks Halloween bead orders finished up and shipped out (they'll be heading your way Sat.) Last night was a blast! Went to yet another candle party this time at my cousin Cathy's house her and my cousin Rosa (her sister) partnered up on a show and as usual we blabbed nonstop and had a blast. I finally bought a much needed snuffer (and some more candles) I used to have one but it got shuffled in the move and has yet to be found and I'm pretty organized so somehow or another it strayed from all my candle stuff boxes, ho hum, I'm sure I'll find it as soon as my new one gets here isn't that how it always goes? lol! My cousin Cathy makes the most amazing quilts you'll ever see! We're all always bugging her to sell them but she won't. I should snag some pics of them and put them up on my site maybe she'll consider some custom orders. They're truely amazing! I'm working on refining my knit bag. It needs a prettier lining (it's white right now) and I think I'm going to change it to one wider strap instead of two because in this particular bag I used a mohair and it's quite stretchy and I want it to keep a nice shape no matter how much I load it up. I'll show a pic of the changes once they're done. I've got some new photo pendants I'm working on that I'm really excited about! I'll give you more of an update on those later!

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