New Joolz!

Just popping in to let you know that there are a few bead specials left, 3 auctions up on ebay, a new necklace up and 2 new pairs of earrings! I accidentally moved my lights on the one pair of earrings so I'll be redoing that pic sorry for the shadows, I didn't realize until I put them up. Did you watch Survivor? eewwww I love it! It's going to be a good season I can feel it! Also we're hopelessly addicted to Celebrity Duets and Hal doing Styx with Styx!! Holy Cow how awesome was that!?! Love it! I can see Thursday nights becoming a favorite for sure especially next week when Grey's Anatomy starts back up again! I can hardly wait! I'm not even a big TV watcher but Thursday nights will surely do me in lol! I haven't shared a readers corner in a while so here we go: The Box Children by Sharon Wyse it's a book group pic for my F2F group it's a short but disturbingly interesting and good read. It's not at all a light read. I don't want to give too much away but it's quite a disfunctional and family drama of sorts and it's going to make for a terrific discussion next week at our meeting I'm excited about it. Also I just finished New Moon by Stephanie Meyer this book is tops! It's the second in the series if you enjoy LJ Smith and vampires and you'll love this one as much as I do. She's hit my favorite authors list with these books. They're both quite hefty epics of a read but I couldn't put it down and finished it in like 2 days which was only like 3 sittings of reading time. I actually switched it out with my bedtime read just to stay up late and finish it because I couldn't stand not to. If you've already read it or read the first one can I just say without giving anything away but I started out in love with Edward however instantly with this new book I'm now 100% a Jacob's gal! I don't know what happened but it did New Moon turned me I can't help it! If you read it or have read it I'd love to hear who YOU think Bella should be with. Also I'm getting ready to head up to bed to finish up Miss Smithers by Susan Juby the second in the series as well. Her first novel Alice, I Think was fabulously hilarious and this sophmore follow up is just as terrific. I've also just started reading Rumspringa a documentary of sorts of the Amish life of adolesence. The Amish teens have a period of Rumspringa time before they get baptized and durring this time on the weekends they are free to act non Amish for lack of better words and so far this read is captivating in that it totally blows my mind at the things they do and are allowed to do!!! I'm not even kidding you it's opened my eyes like you wouldn't belive. Joe's on vacation next week and we're heading to Amish country and it just so happens that this is were this author documented and did all his research and interviews and it's pretty nuts and neat at the same time to read of all these places that we know and visit yearly while there that these kids go wild and party at. It's such an interesting book it's just totally sucked me into this secret Amish world. I've just started it but this stuff is just so astonishing that I've been reading most of it out loud for Joe to hear too because it's like every other paragraph I'm like "oh my god listen to this!!!" lol! I can't help it! Ok off to bed I go! Have a great night!


Carrie Mckinney said…
hehe! you crack me up!! I have an uncle who is amish if you'd like to pick his brain lol! Actually he gave it up years ago but still....where my moms side of the family currently resides it's complete amish country! We can do a road trip there sometime if you like LOL!!! So whatever book that is I want to borrow it when you're done! Okay talk to ya later :0)

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