new not the band ;)

I've got a new addition to my work bench lately. I've set up a nice little soldering area. Anything I can press between two pieces of glass is getting set in silver and strung up to wear! Vintage papers, pictures, fabrics etc. you name it! I've had all the supplies to start making these for a while slowling accumulating and then finally I sat down to make them and haven't stopped. These are just two that I had nearbye for a quick pic but there are tons more. As soon as I work them into designs they'll be coming your way! I think I have another auction just about ready but I tend to like starting them mid week with my specials but we'll see once I put some finishing touches on them if I'll wait or put them up early. I started another knitty bag and I'm off to relax what a little the N and knit it up. Have a great weekend! I'll be hanging around here so check back for a sneak peek or two.


Joanna Adams said…
My birthday is coming up! Or you could give me early presents for Giovanni's b-day! Just a thought! I am so proud of you! I just love you! your loving sis, Joanna
Star*Girl said…
hey I've gotten two new knitty bags done since I finished mine and I'm starting another one today so you'll have a little variety to pick from. Also I might give you the present I got you from our Tawas vacation early because with all of this complusive candle burning going on between the two of us it will be something you'll be able to enjoy too, hint hint!
Love you!!!

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