The birthday party yesterday was a blast. There were tons of kids everywhere lol! They had so much fun AND the weather managed to hold out for us too! It's really getting chilly around here. As sad as I am to see the summer go I am excited for Fall. I love Halloween but there is just something about the smell of the air too that I love. This week we're going pumpkin hunting! We love to load up on pumpkins and scarecrows and cornstalk bundles for outdoor decorations. I've already got all of my indoor decorations up but I think I'll be picking up a few more here and there because I think I may have lost some in the move and I guarantee I'll find those boxes when I won't need them anymore lol! So anyhow I'm working on some new
Bridal Suite designs this week, a couple of bridal customs and lot's of beadies! I've got few auctions sets started so I'll be working on finishing those up in between filling orders and specials. I've got a new contest giveaway up be sure to check that out! I'll be switching out my Made to Order beads page again soon too. I know you guys are really love what I have up there and I really appreciate that but I'm ganna switch it out with some newer stuff so that I don't get too sick off making the same thing over and over again for orders but you won't be disappointed I promise! lol! PS. If you need the bead holes to be going in the opposite direction for your jewelry designs just let me know I can accomodate your designs no problemo (especially for earrings pairs I know it's easier to work with the holes the other way so just let me know). Thanks!!!


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