Monday! Let's start the week!

This is my little Noah Kiddo bead! (These were inspired by Lori's Kidlets) Email me to customize your own too!

I've just added a few more photo pendants to my necklace page. This new batch I'll be customizing so you can have a choice of either sterling silver chain or leather cord and you can pick your color of leather! I love wearing these pendants I get so many compliments on them and they are a very fun and original way to wear a piece of jewelry. I have several more on the way that will be worked into beaded pieces of jewelry as well and also some in smaller sizes as well. Ok also I have to apologize to all my auction watchers I've gotten several emails since my auction ended earlier today that you all would really like it better if I could have week day auctions end later in the evening especially for you west coasters. A few of you had made that request a few weeks ago as well. Sorry about that! I know that it's hard to get in to bid and watch items that end during the work day but it always slips my mind when I'm listing them to try an remember when it ends and what day and what time it for west coasters etc so I'm going to try really hard to do my auction scheduling much better :) But I really do appreciate you letting me know! I've got the cutest new little buggers on my bead shoppe specials page be sure to check those out if you haven't already. I'll continue to take orders on those. I'm so glad you all are loving them I really appreciate all the orders and I'll keep taking them until I get sick of making them at least lol! I love hearing from all you readers out there, I'm glad I don't totally bore you with my reading lists:) This weekend I was on a role and finished off 3 more books all three from the same vampire series by Ellen Shreiber - Vampire Kisses, Kissing Coffins and I can't remember the exact title of the third but they were all excellent! They are a young adult series and I'm hoping she'll keep going with them! Loved them all! Ok well I'm off for the night! Joe's on vacation this week and we have several fun outtings and day trips planned so I'll be working and filling orders in between. PS. I've got some new knitty bags to add to my accessories page very soon! Lot's of cute stuff on the way! I'm really excited about it!


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