Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Midweek round up!

Noah reached down into the sand as we were rolling along so this is a pic of him looking a little in aw and a little grossed out by the texture and having it all over his hands lol! This was when we first got there and his first time ever at the beach or having touched sand.
Inside and outside but this pic was taken before I attached the handle but you get the idea :)

Specials are up! Two new ebay auctions are up! Lot's going on this week and I've been keeping super busy. I've got more pics to share, some still of our recent trip and some of some new goodies coming soon! I finished up a new knitty bag last night and lined it with some super awesome fabric then I went ahead and added some other awesome fabric to line my knitty bag and next up I'll be lining Carrie's. The lining makes all the difference plus the cutesy, girlie, whimsical fabric doesn't hurt ;) My cable knit project is really coming along considering how much time I've actually worked on ( not much like maybe a couple of days) I'm going to try and concentrate on it this week and finish it up. I've been setting it aside to start other projects long enough and besides I think I'm going to knit up a sweater for Noah and I need my cable needle. I've never made a sweater before, I figure it should be a good idea to start on a smaller scale lol! If all goes well I'll post the progress here lol! I've got more Joolz on the way soon too I'll have some sneek peeks here in the morn! Have a great night!

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