Midweek already! Well there's lot's going on that's for sure! I have lot's of cute new purses to put up soon and scarves will probably go up later today. Bead specials went up Monday and there is one left but I'm also taking orders on the other ones that sold so if you missed out just drop me and email! I've got a new auction up called Tricks & Treats which is a super cute hodgepodge of lot's of Halloween fun! It's been a busy week I'm trying to get as far ahead on orders as I can because we'll be on vacation later next week. We'll be heading up north with our friends Mark & Carrie and the kids where we've rented a house on the lake. We're really looking forward to it, it's going to be a lot of fun! And there's lot's of family activities to do up there too! Plus it's Joe's B day while we're there too so it'll be a nice get away and treat! But in the mean time that means lot's of work to get done before we leave and I'm still looking into whether or not I will have internet access there to respond to emails while I'm gone I may bring along the laptop just in case because although we'll have a house sitter to take care of the mean our pets ;) I doubt they'll be wanting to do secretarial work for me lol! So you may have to be a bit patient and I'll write back as soon as I can. Ok back to work for me! I'll be back on later with pics of new scarves! Have a great day!


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