Sleep? what's that?

wanna know what happens when I stay up late? Online shopping, ebay bidding and myspace-ing that's what. I had enough people book a show off of mine to earn this really pretty warmer but I forgot to get any tarts or melts but no fear because I've found the most awesome site- and Michelle is fantastic and super nice, although it appears she may be able to read my mind ;) My kiln has got a belly full of beads yet again! I seem to have kicked into high gear this week because I'm so on top of things but only because I have lists I keep making coming out the wazooo. I still haven't figured out the eaudio download problem I seem to be having so I'm still jamming instead of listening calmly while torching it up, ah well. Ok I'm off to dab me some aloe, yep, I burnt myself twice but not too bad tonight. It's pretty rare for me to not singe, melt or burn something while working on a daily basis but sssshhhhhh...don't tell my homeowners ins. people that! ;)


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