oy! the heat

Hmmmm...this is a tough decision...should I stick with the cow or go for the giraffe. lol!
Ah yes the cow! good choice!

I thought perhaps I was mistaken and that the thermostat outside , the weather channel, yahoo weather, weatherbug, my truck thermostat read out and the local bank's digital sign was wrong but oh no it's really really a stinker out there. Heat index is at 107. yuk yuk yuk. It's so humid up here in Michigan that even when it's in the 80's it still feels pretty hot so at this point anytime I step outside I feel like my skin is melting off. Needless to say we run our central air all season long but it's really working over time this week. Anyhow just as I suspected I have 2 semi decent pics that turned out from our build a bear weekend but
Carrie has really good ones of all of the kids doing their bear stuff, super cute. So I know I've been talking about adding new things to my Doo Dad's page and so that's what I've been working on. Doo Dad's is the page that holds all my misc. items like lanyards, bookmarks, cell phone charms, business card holders all those little fun things that make great little gifts. In the next few weeks I'll also be adding scarves, purses and belts. The scarves and belts are all crocheted or knitted and are super cute and can be worn several different ways. Some are simple and some are beaded. I'm very very big on knitting it's like all I do while I watch tv or to unwind in the evenings so I thought while I'm knitting up my own projects I'll make some extra that I'm sure you'll love! Right now I'm working on another poncho for myself in a gorgeous soft cuddly mohair the color is called shrimp I'll post some pics soon of some of the other stuff I've been working on lately too. The purses are fun handmade and embellished bags using some fun fabrics and beaded extras and some are vintage clutches and evening bags that I have added some embellishment to also, I'm all about the vintage it's an obsession of mine I can't seem to help it. Alright I'm off to continue on my scrub down cleaning brigade in preparations for my Party Lite party and Noah's Birthday Bash this week. Noah's napping and Joe's putting up a new light fixture in the mst. bth so it's the best time to get some work done. Off I go! Stay cool!


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