Wednesday, August 30, 2006

more pictures...

After making Carrie's knit bag I had to have one for myself! Here's what I made while on vacation. It's Cocoa brown and apple green, I love it! I also started my first cable knit project and worked on another poncho some more. But these bags are so much fun to make and the possiblities are endless so keep an eye out for some on my Accessories page! The Tawas Bay lighthouse. I belive the tour lady said it was build in 1762 I'll have to check my postcards to be sure but none the less it was GORGEOUS! We could have stayed there all day! Next time we'll for sure pack a picnic and stay much longer because it was so peaceful and the air was so fresh and the water was beautiful. That's me and Noah at the base of the lighthouse!
Joe, Noah and Kyle being all lovey dovey and lounging around after naptime.
Noah smooshing sand between his toes walking with mommy and daddy on the beach for the first time! He LOVED it!

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