In Circles

Hey In Circles on Ask Crafty is me!!!! hehehe! I just finished up my first project on circular needles last week (mohair wrap poncho) and I'm totally and completely addicted to Knitty Gritty on DIY and pretty much have set up Vickie on my friends list on my myspace as my official knitster guru and she's terrific and always responds so quickly! love it! Thanks Vickie!
Anyhow just popping in to give you the low down on beadies for this week. It's looking like I'll have more spooktacular specials coming in the next day or so AND a new auction to post before we take off for vacation. I think of all the holiays Halloween is by far the most fun to make beads for hands down. I've been able to make so many variations off of several themes like for example ghosts: I've made them horizontal holes, verticle holes, leaf style ghosts (which I'm pretty proud of since I've not seen it done that way before, yay me!) barrell ghosts, lentil ghosts and I've gone down the line and changed up several of my sculpturals that way. It's fun to try the same basic figure but in a totally different shape or from a totally different angle and plus regardless they pretty much just come out differently every time lol! I'll have earring pairs up and lot's more! So stay tuned! Ok I'm off to boil my circulars and finish up my next poncho wrap :)


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