I'm back!

Noah & Kyle playing in the sunroom. These two were practically joined at the hip the whole trip lol!
We're home! It was a fantastic weekend. We packed in lot's of shopping, walking, eating and beach time. The kids were all well behaved and the 4 of them we're like this inseperable little circle everywhere they went it was hilarious. Now I think they're all going through withdrawl I know Noah keeps looking around for them lol! The drive was great and the scenery was gorgeous we're already looking into some vacation homes for next year. It was alot of fun with our two family together and the house was plenty big for us to share so we're all looking forward to doing it again next year. Joe thought it was the nicest most relaxing birthday present too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE! I need to catch up on emails and shipping and orders so I'll be busy with that all week but I'll be updating here and there and instead of doing one long blog of pics from our trip I'll do a few at a time so the pics don't slow your page down too much. Thanks so much for all the votes while I was gone! I'll be organizing all the votes up and tallying them up and picking a winner later today and I'm still trying to decide if I should do a surpise bead set again or post a pic. Oh also my book club meeting went awesome on Thursday! So much fun! Lot's of great conversation and laughs (an snacks lol!) Our next pic that we drew for is The Box Children by Sharon Wyse. I found my copy on ebay and already go it in the mail! That was super quick! So I'm excited to get it started. We came up with a really terrific reading schedule that takes us into next year and I can honestly say that I'm looking forward to reading every thing even if it's not something I would normally read, I think because I'll be sharing it with the group it makes it funner or something. Ok I'm off for now!


Ashley-Lynn said…
I am glad to hear that y'all had fun! I just wanted to say that I am so excited to see that someone else uses the word "funner" I constantly get made fun of because it's not a real word but it makes more sense to me! Love Ya!
Star*Girl said…
funner funner funner!!! me likes to say funner! and I'm an English major at that! lol! There's just no funner word ;) Yeah we had a blast and had a nice drive both ways too now I just need to find motivation to get things done lol!
love ya sissy!!!

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