Happy weekend!

One of Noah's favorite b day presents! Thank god it's light weight, easy to store and move aroudn the house lol! and yes I will admit I often play in it too! lol!
Hope you are having a great Sat. it's rainy and gloomy here but perfect for staying indoors an getting some much needed work done.
I've had lot's of requests for more Halloween beads so I'll be working on having those up for you this week and a new auction. I made the cutest purse for Carrie! I think she's going to post a pic on her site and then I'll snatch it from her and re post it here for you. Now I'm going to have to make myself one and maybe even a few for the storefront. If you'd like one just email me and request your colors and size preference. Ok I'm heading off to pick up a huge stack of books from the library and get some work done so I won't have to worry about it over vacation.
Have a great day!


Carrie Mckinney said…
OMG that is a cute picture!! I need some pics of him to put up around the house i don't have any :( Which reminds me I need to take a pic of the purse! hehe okay talk to u soon

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