beadies on the way!

Our house above (hard to see with all the trees but it's such a pretty cottage style home. The main house below, gorgeous grounds and an even more beautiful inside I should have gotten a side and back view because it just keeps going and going.

We're buring Alyssa and Kyle in the sand! That mound below that Noah's working on is Kyle! lol!!

You guys really love those glowing googly eye beads! I'm so glad! I think they are so cool looking and they make great earring pairs. Anyhow I've been making them like mad and I have a big shipping out date planned for Sat. morning so they're be on their way to you soon!!! I've got another Partylite party to go to this evening PLUS all the stuff from my party arrived yesterday evening so I've been sorting through everything and have been setting all of my stuff out I love it all! They really do have some amazing scents I think my most favorite is the pear and quince hands down. Well I've got some new bags up on Accessories available now finally, Enjoy! I'm off to clean up myself and the house a bit before the girls pick me up. Here's a few more pics from up north trip.


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