accessories galore!

I have been working on new totes, clutches, wristlets, evening bags and just basically any kind of handbag you can think of. I used to make them all the time years ago and then on and off through out the years and I think I'm heading back in that groove again lately. It'll probably be a week or so before I finish up last touches and pics and get them up as well as the scarves an belts. I'm trying to decide if I should post bead specials tomorrow or wait until Sun. I'll have to see how tomorrow goes. The guys have their fantasty football meeting tomorrow at Mark n Carrie's so if weather permits me and Noah will have ourselves a fun floating party with Carrie and the kids to stay cool while the guys do their thing. I don't quite understand the whole fantasy football thing to be quite honest, but I figure us gals have bunko so I'll just hold my tongue on the subject ;)
PS. Did I spell galore correctly because it's looking funny to me? galore, gallore, galour, gallor hmmm....heading off to


Carrie McKinney said…
YES Galore is correct! LOL you crack me to you soon :0)
Star*Girl said…
I don't know what my deal is! I've been doing that with all kinds of words for weeks now. Simple words that for some reason just don't look right anymore! I'm a nut! I'm ganna need you to spell check for me and come in in like red type and correct stuff lol!

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