New ebay auction

New auction up on ebay! I just can't stop with the beach theme. I love making the starfish they come out differently every single time! The sand dollar beads are alot of fun sometimes I get in the zone and can just sit and make them over and over they're so much fun and they make great earrings pairs. Click on the pic and go straight to the auction to take a peek! My baby is going to be one this month!! I can't belive how fast this year has flown by it blows my mind. He's grow so much an so fast! We've been keeping busy brainstorming and planning his 1st birthday party, it's going to be lot's of fun! He love to sit up in the bow window and read his books and play with his puppets. He acts like he's reading and I sit next to him with another book and start reading and he jibber jabbers out of his book like he's reading back to me and turns his pages when I turn mine it's so hilarious!
I've got so many new things to show you! I hope to have a bead special or two ready for you this weekend perhaps and a couple of sneak peeks as well as some new additions of jewelry. I'll keep you updated! Have a great day!


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