it's ganna be a hot one baby!

So the heat continues except that when I didn't think it could get any worse it jumped up about 1o more degrees. We're hitting triple digits. No glass melting today or tomorrow that's for sure after that if Mr. weatherman is correct and the temps drop , I'll be good to go! :) I might still post a special or two from what I have been able to get done and then post the rest later in the week. I haven't decided yet but if you're signed up for my mailings you'll be the first to know! I've started a week long overhaul cleaning of my house to prepare for all the entertaining going on here this week but I'll be back with a sneak peek of some new pieces here and there. Any excuse to take a cleaning break lol!!! Most importantly today, HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY NOAH! My baby boy is 1 today!
I'm off to spend the day with my birthday boy!
Later that day...UPDATE! Specials are indeed up!


Carrie McKinney said…
HOLY COW! Happy Birthday NOAH! I can't believe he is 1! Boohoo...anyhow check out my homepage I posted the build a bear pics! I didn't know you put music in his! We didn't do that! Ahhh!! Also you can download audio books from the library?? I need to do that! I am getting bored w/ my songs! I need to check into that! Okay later chickie loveya!
Star*Girl said…
OMG I know! it's nuts I can't belive how fast it went by!
Yeah we put in the birthday bear song into it and he dances to it, cracks me up!
Yeah you go to our library homepage and click on audiobooks download at the top and then sign up with a user name and password etc and that's it! It's super cool!! Ok heading over to see pics and I have like only 2 that came out ok on my camera cause I forgot to change the settings, crud I'm bad about that.

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