holy hottness!

yow it's hot! I think the worst part is the humidity blech! I'll be saving my torch time for later on when it cools down a bit so in the mean time I'm playing with gemmies and working on some new pretties. I'm hoping to have at least one new bead auction this week if not more and lot's of cute things for bead specials too. I'll keep you posted!
Yesterday we took Noah to build a bear for his birthday bear. He picked out a cow it's the cutest thing and so neat how they do it all! He get's a kick out of it especially because it sings "Happy Birthday" to him. I think it's pretty neat how they have us register it and moo cow (that's what we named him, slightly lame and unoriginal but it's hard to pick out a name on the fly!) gets his own birth certificate. I need to check and see if how the pics turned out of our bear making adventure and maybe I'll post one or two. Have a great weekend!


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