Goodies are on the way!

There are some weeks that I'm just so organized and on top of things and it's all good but man oh man this week has been non stop busy but I very much appreciate all the orders You gals are the very best!!!! I headed out to staples to up my organization on the business end of things and we're looking to head to Ikea soon so I can pick up a few things to better help stash all my glass in the studio. I have got a TON of new items that will be making their way up on the site very very soon. It's been super hot and humid here for the past several weeks, not exactly peak torching conditions however some days I just couldn't stop myself and so due to a very productive week I am just about caught up on orders AND I have got quite a lot of bead specials to post AND 1 new auction possibly 2!!! BEAD SPECIALS ARE COMING TOMORROW, FRIDAY JULY 6TH. Lot's of cute bead sets! I can't seem to stop with the sculptural critter creating which is odd for me because that's not usually my favorite type of stuff to make but I keep getting all sorts of cute inspiration from Noah's books and cartoons and that's all it takes to get my mind rolling with ideas plus I love to try new things. Oh yeah! Don't forget to check out the new bling on the Doo Dads page! I've got even more Doo Dads items on the way too! Gotta Run! Have a great day!


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